Rocky Mountain District CKI

Nebraska Panhandle

Proposed Amendments

1. A change to Article IV, Section 1, Subsection 1.2 and the addition of Article IV, Section 1, Subsection 1.3.

Subsection 1.2 The elected members of the District Board shall be: Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor and Lieutenant Governors. All elected members will be considered the “executive board.”

Subsection 1.3 Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Lieutenant Governors will be considered the “executive board.”

2. The addition of Article VI, Section 12 and the addition of Article VI Section 13.

Section 12. Official elections for the position of lieutenant governors shall follow the same structure as the election for District Board positions. In the event of a divisional year, candidacy is open first to members of the respective divisions. In the case of no eligible candidate from the respective divisions stepping forward, candidacy will open to members from all divisions.

In the event of a non-divisional year, the position may be referred to as lieutenant governor at large, and candidacy is open to all members of the District, regardless of division. The winner of this office shall be determined by the highest number of votes in their favor. The number of elected candidates to this position shall be determined by the current District Board of Officers.

Section 13. During years in which a division does not have a lieutenant governor, the president of each member club in that division shall serve on the President’s Council. These representatives will also be voting members of the District Board, but will only be responsible to the District in as much as they and their club sees fit to be represented.