Service Projects

Car Wash

Sponsor a local car wash and use proceeds to donate to a charity of your choice.

Campus Clubs

Reach out to other clubs on campus and perform joint service projects together.

Finals Frenzy

Sponsor study groups and sell comfort food and drinks late into the night during Dead Week.

K-Family Branches

Reach out to Kiwanis clubs, Key Clubs, and Builders Clubs to collaborate on projects.

Picking Up Trash

Walk around campus and gather trash to make the community a cleaner place!

Relay for Life

Support cancer research by raising money through Relay for Life and invite other clubs to participate.

Science Night

Talk to a local elementary school to see if your club can participate in their Science Night.

WASH: Walk for Water

In support for WASH, organize a Walk for Water where participants can carry jerrycans and donate.

Card Writing

Write encouraging cards to veterans, elders, or children in hospitals.

Comfort Dolls

Make dolls for children in hospitals so they can have a comfort object. Instructions here and here

Global Handwashing Day

Visit elementary schools with germ lotion and a black light to showcase the importance of washing hands.

No-Skid Socks

Use puffy paint to paint the bottom of socks that prevent children from slipping on floors.

Planting a Tree

Raise money to buy a tree, and on Earth Day, get some fresh air and plant the tree.

Restaurant Partnership

Short on money? Ask a restaurant to sponsor your club for a night and donate some proceeds. 

School Supply Backpacks

Collect school supplies to place in backpacks and donate to children in need.

Yuda Bands

Choose an underprivileged student to sponsor his/her education by selling bracelets. 

Carnival Night

Host a carnival and charge students to play games and eat food! Invite other clubs to join!

Crane Folding

A symbol of peace, crane folding serves as a relaxing, calming service project. Instructions here.

Inspirational Sidewalks

Write inspirational messages and pictures on the sidewalks in chalk to brighten someone's day.

Orientation Events

At the start of the school year, volunteer at orientation events to make freshmen seem at home.

Project Linus

Make blankets to donate to children as a part of Project Linus. Find more information here.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt of chocolate or toys around a park for children to search for.

WASH: Keychains

To fundraise for WASH, make key chains and sell them around campus.

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